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We are going unplugged for 2 weeks; Feb 28 - March 13, 2024. All orders placed after Feb 27 will be shipped after March 13.


Comparing 14" and 16" Frosted A3 Crystal Singing Bowls

Hear the difference between 14" and 16" with these two frosted crystal singing bowls.

Comparing Clear and Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Listen to the difference between Clear and Frosted singing bowls.

Smooth Empyrean Bowls Classic Frosted

Watch and listen to the difference between smooth and frosted crystal singing bowls

How to Choose Your Set of Crystal Singing Bowls

Follow these steps to help narrow down the selection of crystal singing bowls to find what resonates with you.

Multiple Free Lessons on How To Play A Set of Crystal Singing Bowls

Watch as I teach three different people how to play their new sets of perfect pitch crystal singing bowls.

How to Play a Crystal Singing Bowl

Discover different mallets and different techniques to improve your playing.

Not all Crystal Singing Bowls Play the Same

Sometimes a client will visit us and want to know what they are doing wrong, because their bowl won't sing very well....

Why is Perfect Pitch Important?

Listen to what three bowls sound like when they are all perfect pitch. Then listen to them when they are not in perfect pitch. You decide for yourself what sounds more harmonious. 

Why Do Some Bowls Buzz?

This is video will help explain why crystal singing bowls buzz or chatter anyhow  you can prevent this from occurring.

Breathing Exercise with 3 Crystal Singing Bowls

Using a breath work exercise is a great way to help your clients relax before beginning your practice.  Try this out and see for yourself.

A Bit of Musical Theory

When you purchase singing bowls from us, I will fill out this page for you, so that you know what notes create which ...

Hints for Offering a Sound Session

If you plan to offer sound healing session, I suggest you get trained by a professional. That being said, here are a few hints to get you started.
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