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How to Choose Your Set of Crystal Singing Bowls

How to Choose Your Set of Crystal Singing Bowls

The best way to choose a set of crystal singing bowls is to CHOOSE NOTES that RESONATE with YOU.

  1. My suggestion is to first choose the low note that you love.
    • If you are willing to have a big 16" or larger crystal singing bowl in your set, then start listening to this video: 3rd Octave Perfect Pitch Crystal Singing Bowls Starting On C3. This video starts on the lowest tone available in crystal singing bowls. The notes C3, C#3, D3, D#3, E3, and F3 really need to be 16" or bigger. However, not everyone can afford the space or the price of a big bowl.  The 18" bowl weighs over 20 pounds, so it isn't the easiest bowl to take to the studio each week, but it has the most stunning and powerful sound to it. (Please note, that it can be very challenging for us to perfect pitch C3, so you may need to be very patient if you want one.) 
    • If you prefer to have a perfect pitch crystal singing bowl that is more portable, then begin listening to this video:  3rd Octave Perfect Pitch Crystal Singing Bowls Starting On G3. This video starts on the note G3, which is a great bowl at the 14" size. You can find both of these videos at Learn Now / Singing Bowl Info / Listen To Crystal Singing Bowl Notes
  2. Find out if there is any other note that you love and must have in your set by listening to all the notes in the 4th octave and 5th octave. Be sure to write down these notes on a piece of paper.  
  3. Next, think about your intention. What do you want from your set of perfect pitch crystal singing bowls. Are you looking for a set of crystal singing bowls that provides comfort and safety? Maybe a set that is opening and inspiring? Or maybe a set of singing bowl that leaves your clients curious and going on a new journey.  Or, maybe a bit of everything. 
  4. Once you know the low note that you love and if there any other notes you like, go shopping! In the shopping section of the store, SHOP / SETS OF CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS.  I have created over 150 videos showing you what different combinations of crystal singing bowls sound like. Be sure to use the filters to narrow down the selection of videos that I have created.  Choose how many bowls you would like in your set, or choose specific notes. Take your time listening to find the sounds that resonate with you.
  5. If you can't find what you are looking for, call me. I would be happy to create a new video with a different combination of crystal singing bowls.  
  7. Finding the right set of crystal singing bowls can be overwhelming. I would be happy to take the time to talk with you and help you find the right set of singing bowls.  Denise 905-563-3234
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