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Hand Pan Flash Cards

Hand Pan Flash Cards

Handpan Training Card Game for a Variety of Scales.

I came across this resource and thought it would be handy for some of you. Denise

Card Sice 6,3 x 8,8cm

  • PDF file: You will receive a PDF file that contains an overview of all chord cards. (Ready to print and cut.)
  • Individual PNG files: Each chord card is also available as an individual PNG file. This allows you to print and use the cards flexibly.

Game Variations:

  • Flashcard System: Use the cards like flashcards to learn your chords. Repeat the chords until you have mastered them.
  • Random Chord Progressions: Draw cards randomly and form a chord progression from them. Play this chord progression on your handpan and practice freestyle playing.
  • Playful Learning: Let your creativity run wild and invent your own game variations. This way you will get to know your handpan in a playful and motivating way.

The proceeds will go to cover the production costs for a physical card game. With every purchase you support this project!

I (Sven) am happy to create further versions of the game and adapt the cards to your handpan! Just write me a message at

Watch the video about these flash cards here.

Buy the cards here.



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