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We are closed to support our students in this week's Tuning Fork and Himalayan Bowl Workshops. All orders placed after April 23 will be shipped after April 30th 2024.

Free Gong Master Class with Michael Bettine

Free Gong Master Class with Michael Bettine

Take this Free 7 hour Gong Masterclass

We met Michael Bettine last year at a 10 day gong camp.  He is very well versed in gongs and has offered this free master class.  Such a generous soul.

If you want to view an over 7 hour Masterclass on Micheal Bettine's perspective of Gongs, sounds, time and gong playing, it's all on his YouTube channel in 12 videos. It's all FREE to view as much as you want. It goes deep. It goes wide. It goes into detail. It provides a lot of ideas that can be 'food for thought' for your own gong playing. Check it out if you haven't already, and leave comments & questions. He  always answers them:

Michael Bettine Free Gong Master Class

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