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Carol Kerley-Rimmer

Carol Kerley-Rimmer

HEALING WITH RESONANCE                      




Carol is an Acutonics Practitioner and Certified   Level 1 -2 instructor.

Carol lives the Kawartha Lakes area in Ontario Canada just northeast of Toronto.



Carol offers a range of natural therapies.

Some 4 years ago she had this synchronistic experience of meeting the owners of Acutonics while playing golf with them in Mexico!

This led to the journey of being interested in sound therapy and Acutonics and the long journey to complete the full training in this field.    She is also an Aoscan practitioner using a quantum bio-resonance scanning device on both people and pets to conduct full body resonance scans and optimization including an inner voice analysis. Other modalities she certified in include aromatherapy and reflexology. She also completed the aesthetics program at Sheridan College. Other courses included Essential Homeopathy and Vitalism, Jin Shin do, Hot stone, Swedish massage and Bio -field tuning.

She is dedicated to bringing a wide range of wellness therapies to assist in balancing mind, body and spirit to all. She is busy in her retirement in bringing this knowledge and therapies to the community and furthering the understanding the use of sound healing and related modalities to others.



Services include.

Acutonics harmonic atunements using the TCM points and meridians.

Harmonic Journeys with the use of many sound tools and instruments

Constitutional facial renewal, aromatherapy, reflexology and Swedish massage all using tuning forks and other sound tools in the treatments.


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