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Barbara (Eva) Dametto- Breathe True Yoga

Barbara (Eva) Dametto- Breathe True Yoga

I offer hour-long sound journeys to individuals and groups whereby people lie down comfortably and receive a "sound bath” that is restorative and transformative. A session usually begins with a discussion of what the individual is experiencing in their life and what kind of sound experience they would like to have. This session can easily lead to deep, hypnotic, and healing states of body/mind. 

I have Paiste gongs, crystal singing bowls, Koshi chimes, tuning forks, mbiras, a shruti box, a Solfeggio-tuned tongue drum, and many other ethereal-sounding instruments to help expand your consciousness into the cosmos. I also have didgeridoos, a Native hand drum, an Auracle hand pan drum, ocean drums, thunder drums, rain sticks, and rattles to help stabilize and ground your energy and body into the earth.

As as sound practitioner, I believe that when certain musical instruments are skillfully played and combined with loving intentions, true healing occurs.

Learn More About Barbara Dametto and Breathe True Yoga:

Barbara with singing bowl

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